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things drugs taught me

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A Storytelling Trip.

Two of Montreal's most acclaimed storytellers share hilarious and heartwarming tales about their wildly contrasting drug use and abuse. As best they can remember. 

“Will leave the audiences howling”

- Montreal Gazette

"Given both performers’ previous experience, one could have guessed Things Drugs Taught Me would have been one of the best performances at this year’s Fringe. The quality of this show, however, makes the possibility of it winning the festival’s major awards more than just a pipe dream. 

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"A truly encapsulating experience that is sure to leave theatregoers giggling or nodding in silent understanding." 

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"Nisha Coleman and Jeff Gandell are not-misses in the storytelling scene. They are also not-misses performing together. The two of them swap stories about a subject that is usually best summed up as “you had to be there.” In their competent hands, though, “being there” is not necessary, but you will probably wish you were." 

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Gandell shares the stage with another human this time. Nisha Coleman proves to be as angst-riddled as her co-neurotic, and is thus a splendid match. 

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