"A vivid, frank and emotionally

affecting memoir."

- Montreal Gazette

"A rich and generous portrayal of

misfits and weirdos and the rhythms of urban life."

- Pickle Me This

BUSKER chosen among the 2016 Best Books of the Year!

Nisha Coleman - Busker


In 2005, Nisha travelled to France to be with what she hoped was the love of her life. Instead, she stayed three years, playing her violin and finding a new sense of passion for music and her own independence. A different kind of love story, Coleman allows the reader a rare glimpse into the world of a street violinist in Paris. Her journey features a mosaic of gypsies, homeless people, other buskers and random strangers -- a tale that transforms from initial hardship to ultimate triumph. This is the moving story of a young woman who went to Paris for love and found her life.

**BUSKER is currently out of print! Check your local library and follow my Facebook page for updates on the forthcoming reprint!  

Chronicling the days.jpeg

"It’s Nisha Coleman’s reflection on the surge of online material in those early weeks, however, that spells out the raison d’être of this collection. In it, she describes “a clear and urgent desire to share. Not masterpieces, not carefully crafted content. Perfection wasn’t the point. The point, it seemed, was simply connecting.” As a record of that shared impulse, Chronicling the Days deserves its print run."

- Literary review of Canada