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ANGLO SOLO (in preparation for 2019)

Funded by the Canada Council for the Arts


Nisha’s first solo storytelling show in French explores her struggle to learn French, as a child in Ontario, a student in Montreal and later as a busker in Paris. She explores the philosophical experience of learning French, including the frustrations and hilarities, and draws parallels with the psychological healing process. Snippets from therapy sessions, childhood anecdotes, and the particularities of learning French as an Anglo Canadian combine in a heartfelt storytelling show that is both stirring and hilarious. 


Storytellers Nisha Coleman and Jeff Gandell swap hilarious and heartwarming tales about their wildly contrasting drug experiences. In this two-part storytelling trip, they share everything they've learned from their substance use and abuse. As best they can remember. 

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Une Soirée Parisienne is a multidimensional performance featuring Brigitte Ried and Nisha Coleman. It combines video, music, spoken word, sounds, smells, and electroacoutic pieces. It goes beyond a stereotyped vision of the city to provide a glimpse into genuine Parisian life. The performance is as varied as the city itself, providing stimulation for all the senses. In addition to original compositions, the show also features French composers such as Chopin, Debussy, Satie, and Tiersen.