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Robert St-amour sur Cornichon

Cette rencontre était le pur fruit de mon instinct de spectateur. Avec des billets pour découvrir une proposition théâtrale dans ce même lieu, le Monument National, en début de soirée, la prolongation de ma présence dans ces lieux pour en découvrir une autre, à La Balustrade, d'une artiste qui avait déjà gagné un prix de ce Festival (Fringe), se voulait être gagnant. Et cela l'a été, comme un gros lot !

Hermitage artists Donald Marguiles, Nisha Coleman present new work

Herald Tribune, January, 2018

Two artists now working at the Hermitage Artist Retreat will be featured in public programs this weekend... More

Screen Shot 2021-08-29 at 8.13.05 PM.png

Toronto Guardian, July, 2017
"Things Drugs Taught Me is a dope show, a total storytelling trip. Performer Nisha Coleman is awesome."

A vivid, frank and emotionally affecting memoir of three years eking out an existence in the City of Lights as a street musician.

Montreal Gazette, January 2016

It’s a long way from the arches of Rue de Rivoli to the swamps around Huntsville, Ont., where Coleman grew up working-class among the cottages of Muskoka country. Coming to Montreal at nineteen, she studied music and psychology for a year at McGill. “I was trying so hard to learn French, and failing miserably,” said the 34-year-old in her Rosemont apartment last week, recalling her first Montreal stint... More 

Self-Exile is one of the highlights of this year’s Fringe

Cult MTL, June 2016

Transporting the audience on a voyage that takes us from her childhood growing up with hippie parents to her busking days on the streets of Paris, Montreal’s Coleman evokes a panoply of emotions with an innocent charm. The writing, in contrast, betrays an alert intelligence as she explores themes of  alienation, isolation, mental health and self-identification..... More 

Storytelling at its best. 

Montreal Rampage, June 2017

The stories come and go, veering between the strange and the hilarious, the worrisome to the moving. But never once do these tales sound self-indulgent or gloating. Gandell and Coleman are fantastic as their contrasting personalities bounce off one another... More

"All in a Weekend" with Sonali Karnick

CBC Radio 1, December 2016

A one-woman show about a painfully shy woman who grew up with hippy parents, and a father with mental illness called "Self-Exile" comes to Centaur Theatre. We speak with actress and author Nisha Coleman.

CBC Radio 1 - All in a Weekend with Sonali Karnick - Nisha Coleman - Self-Exile

Rewind! How does someone end up busking in Paris?

Montreal Rampage, December 2015

A performance in the Solos festival. A play called “Things Drugs Taught Me.” Co-producer of Confabulation. A book launch. It’s hard to keep up with little dynamo Nisha Coleman. I had the great good fortune to talk to her about her brand spanking new book, Busker: Stories from the Streets of Paris... More

We take a look at Confabulation, the city’s only monthly live storytelling event.

PBS Vermont, February 2016

Bill Brownstein: High anxiety - and clever comedy - from Jeff Gandell and Nisha Coleman

Montreal Gazette, October 2015

Her drug experience came as a result of being broke in Montreal, where she moved following her time in Paris. “The kind of broke that brings you to the ultimate low point in your life, where you find yourself scrawling through the etcetera ads on Craigslist,” she recalls. “The ads are even more depressing: looking for personal assistants who can wash dishes or do frequent leg massages for a circulation problem … More 

There’s nothing like watching deep sincerity and Coleman embodies it every time.

Montreal Rampage, November 2015

The pre-show music consists of Regina Spektor’s “Open” with these lyrics leading us into the show’s opening: “Potentially lovely, Perpetually human, Suspended and open.” These words perfectly describe the journey Coleman takes us on for the next hour... More

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