It's a memoir called BUSKER: Stories from the Streets of Paris. It's all about the time I ran away to Paris to be a street musician.

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About Nisha

Nisha Coleman was born in a swamp near Huntsville, Ontario. 

She studied music and psychology at McGill and Wilfrid Laurier University. Once school was out of the way, she went to live in Paris as a street musician. Her memoir about these years is called Busker: Stories from the Streets of Paris and will be released with Hagios Press in November 2015.

Nisha's work has appeared in publications such as Every Day Fiction, Pif Magazine, Road Junky and has been broadcast on the CBC (WireTap). She is a regular storyteller as well as co-producer of the storytelling series Confabulation in Montreal. Her most recent show, Things Drugs Taught Me, co-written and performed with Jeff Gandell, combines storytelling, theatre and comedy. 

Her upcoming solo show, Self-Exile, will explore isolation, mental health and the ways we define the self. While often delving into darker subject matter, Nisha manages to balance it with grace and comedy.