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Nisha Coleman is a writer, actor, storyteller, producer, translator, and musician based in Montreal.

She is represented by Chelsea McIsaac at Glenn Talent and Hilary McMahon at Westwood Creatives.

Her stories have been featured on The Moth Radio Hour, Risk!, and Confabulation among others. 

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Cornichon est de retour! 

Mercredi le 6 décembre, 20h

D’une salle de classe de maternelle aux rues de Paris où elle gagnait sa vie en jouant du violon dans les rues, petit à petit, le français se grave dans son cerveau, mais non sans incident cocasse, embarrassant, et parfois risqué.

Pour son premier spectacle solo en français, Nisha Coleman vous invite à l'accompagner dans son parcours atypique l’ayant menée à apprendre la langue de Vigneault. En tant qu'anglophone francophile ayant grandi au fin fond de l'Ontario, l'apprentissage du français n'a pas été une mince affaire.


Dear Humans: A Letter from the Animals

Digital Dear Humans Cover_Final.jpeg

An accessible, honest, and sweet way to get your little one in on the important mission of saving our planet.
— Cleo Stiller, Emmy and Peabody Award winning author of Modern Manhood 

Written by Nisha Coleman
Illustrated by 
Shanthony Exum

Published by Linda Leith Publishing

The Earth is changing fast.

How bad is it? The animals gather to find out. When they realize it’s humans behind the destruction, they must decide what to do. Could they send them to another planet? Or do humans need their help? The animals write them a letter, reminding humans of nature’s gifts and how to turn things around before it’s too late.

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It is so important to give children the space to express their big feelings about climate change. Dear Humans does just this—with humour, heart, and hope.

— “Boots” of the Juno-winning duo Splash’N Boots

Alright: Solving the Problem of Living

Written and performed by Nisha Coleman
Directed by Paul Van Dyck

Music by Patrick McMaster

An intimate storytelling show about life’s arduous events and the pinpricks of light that tilt our gaze from the gutter to the stars.


The Volume Knob - No Quarter - Nisha Coleman an Keith Serry
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Volume knob
Confabulation - The Horney Bull - Nisha Coleman
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The Moth - The Unthawing - Nisha Coleman
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