Nisha Coleman

Nisha Coleman is a writer, storyteller, musician and actor based in Montreal. Her work has been featured on the CBC, The Moth Radio Hour, Risk!, and Wiretap. 


Her latest solo show, ALRIGHT, was filmed in an oak tree.  

Her memoir BUSKER: Stories from the Streets of Paris was published by Radiant Press in 2016 and documents the years she spent busking in Paris. Her solo show, Self-Exile, was featured at the 2017 Wildside Festival at the Centaur Theatre.


She is represented by Glenn Talent Agency.

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Alright: Solving the Problem of living
A storytelling show filmed in a tree


ALRIGHT: Solving the Problem of Living


When the 2020 Montreal Fringe was cancelled due to Covid, Nisha readapted her storytelling show for the screen along with director Stephen Maclean Rogers and musician/sound designer Pat McMaster. 

Filmed entirely in an oak tree, ALRIGHT takes you on exhilarating, nail-biting and heart-wrenching adventures. In her signature animated, humorous storytelling style,


Coleman welcomes you to her world in which she cleans feces-filled bedpans, is rescued by Westley from The Princess Bride, and is locked in the Madrid train station. She also reveals her darkest days, all in the spirit of "solving the problem of living" and learning to be alright with being alive.


The Volume Knob - No Quarter - Nisha Coleman an Keith Serry
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Confabulation - The Horney Bull - Nisha Coleman
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The Moth - The Unthawing - Nisha Coleman
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In 2005, Nisha travelled to France to be with what she hoped was the love of her life. Instead, she stayed three years, playing her violin and finding a new sense of passion for music and her own independence.


A different kind of love story, Coleman allows the reader a rare glimpse into the world of a street violinist in Paris. Her journey features a mosaic of Parisians, foreigners, homeless people, other buskers and random strangers—a tale that transforms from initial hardship to ultimate triumph.


This is the moving story of a young woman who went to Paris for love and found her life.

"A vivid, frank and emotionally affecting memoir."

- Montreal Gazette

"A rich and generous portrayal of misfits and weirdos and the rhythms of urban life."

- Pickle Me This


Nisha's Four Seasons: a documentary film by Lightbody Productions