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Coming in the spring of 2023,

a children's book written by me and illustrated by Shanthony Exum

Published by Linda Leith Publishing.

The Earth is changing fast.

How bad is it? The animals gather to talk. When they realize it’s humans behind the destruction, they must decide what to do. Could they send them to another planet? Or do humans need their help? The animals write them a letter, reminding humans of nature’s gifts and how to turn things around before it’s too late.

Cornichon: un parcours perplexe vers la francophonie

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Écrit et interprété par Nisha Coleman
Mise en scène par Thierry Leblanc

Nisha Coleman (meilleure production anglophone, Festival Fringe de Montréal 2016) a changé de camp. La storyteller tisse l'histoire improbable de son apprentissage du français avec l’histoire sur les mille ans que les anglos et les francos ont passés à se battre, se chicaner et à faire l’amour.


My story, "Enough," is featured in Bodies of Stories' anthology of vulnerable stories told live online.

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Past Stories 

The Volume Knob - No Quarter - Nisha Coleman an Keith Serry
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Volume knob
Confabulation - The Horney Bull - Nisha Coleman
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The Moth - The Unthawing - Nisha Coleman
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 Latest comic 

How to Greet a Dog
Inspired by Cesar Milan and my dog Finnie

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